Filmography 1941 to 1960 -- What Wikipedia Says

# Title Studio Role Leading Lady Director Notes

- 1941 -
94 A Man Betrayed (US title) Rep Lynn Hollister Frances Dee John H. Auer w/ Ward Bond
Citadel of Crime (GB title)
Wheel of Fortune (TV title)
95 Lady from Louisiana Rep John Reynolds Ona Munson Bernard Vorhaus w/ Ray Middleton, Henry Stephenson.
96 The Shepherd of the Hills Par Matt Matthews Betty Field Henry Hathaway w/ Harry Carey. Wayne's first film in color (Technicolor).
97 Meet the Stars: Past and Present Rep Himself - Harriet Parsons A promotional short.

- 1942 -
98 Lady for a Night Rep Jack Morgan Joan Blondell Leigh Jason Wayne is billed second.
99 Reap the Wild Wind Par Capt. Jack Stuart Paulette Goddard Cecil B. DeMille w/ Ray Milland, Raymond Massey, Robert Preston, Susan Hayward. Filmed in Technicolor. Wayne is billed second[1] in this sea-faring epic. His only film with DeMille.
100 The Spoilers Uni Roy Glennister Marlene Dietrich Ray Enright w/ Randolph Scott, Harry Carey, Richard Barthelmess. Sprawling version of the Rex Beach novel[2], climaxing with an epic saloon fight between Wayne and Scott (in a rare villainous role). Wayne is billed third.
Margaret Lindsay
101 In Old California Rep Tom Craig Binnie Barnes William McGann Wayne plays a pharmacist in this film, which was the occupation of his real-life father.
102 Flying Tigers Rep Jim Gordon Anna Lee David Miller Wayne's first war movie.
103 Reunion in France (US title) MGM Pat Talbot Joan Crawford Jules Dassin w/ Philip Dorn.
Mademoiselle France (GB title)
104 Pittsburgh Uni Charles "Pittsburgh" Markham Marlene Dietrich Lewis Seiler w/ Randolph Scott, Shemp Howard. An unrelated follow-up to the The Spoilers with the same three leads. Wayne is billed third.
Louise Albritton

- 1943 -
105 A Lady Takes a Chance RKO Duke Hudkins Jean Arthur William A. Seiter Wayne billed second. Produced by Frank Ross (Arthur's husband).
106 In Old Oklahoma Rep Dan Somers Martha Scott Al Rogell w/ Albert Dekker, George "Gabby" Hayes, Dale Evans.
War of the Wildcats (re-issue title)

- 1944 -
107 The Fighting Seabees Rep Wedge Donovan Susan Hayward Edward Ludwig Another war movie, this one dealing with the US Navy's famed construction battalion.
108 Tall in the Saddle RKO Rocklin Ella Raines Edwin L. Marin w/ Ward Bond, George "Gabby" Hayes
109 Flame of Barbary Coast Rep Duke Fergus Ann Dvorak Joseph Kane w/ Joseph Schildkraut, William Frawley.
110 Back to Bataan RKO Col. Joseph Madden - Edward Dmytryk w/ Anthony Quinn, Beulah Bondi.
111 They Were Expendable MGM Lt. Rusty Ryan Donna Reed John Ford w/ Robert Montgomery, Jack Holt, Ward Bond. Wayne gets second billing to Montgomery in this film about naval PT boats.

- 1945 -
112 Dakota Rep John Devlin Vera Hruba Ralston Joseph Kane w/ Walter Brennan, Ward Bond.

- 1946 -
113 Without Reservations RKO Rusty Thomas Claudette Colbert Mervyn LeRoy w/Don DeFore. Wayne has second billing under Colbert. From this point on Wayne would always have top billing (except for appearances in "all-star" films or guest appearances).

- 1947 -
114 Angel and the Badman Rep Quirt Evans Gail Russell James Edward Grant w/ Bruce Cabot, Harry Carey. Wayne's first film as producer as well as star.
115 Tycoon RKO Johnny Munroe Laraine Day Richard Wallace w/ Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Anthony Quinn, Judith Anderson, James Gleason. Location shooting at Lone Pine. Filmed in Technicolor.

- 1948 -
116 Red River Mon Thomas Dunson Joanne Dru Howard Hawks w/ Montgomery Clift,[3] Walter Brennan, John Ireland, Harry Carey, Harry Carey, Jr., Noah Beery, Jr., Hank Worden. Generally regarded as one of Wayne's finest films and finest performances. His first film with director Hawks.
UA Coleen Gray
117 Fort Apache Arg Capt. Kirby York Shirley Temple John Ford w/ Henry Fonda, John Agar, Victor McLaglen, Ward Bond, George O'Brien. The first of Ford's "cavalry trilogy." Filmed on location in Monument Valley.
118 3 Godfathers Arg Robert Marmaduke Hightower Mildred Natwick John Ford Filmed in Technicolor on location in Death Valley, California.[4]
119 Wake of the Red Witch Rep Edward Ludwig Gail Russell Capt. Ralls w/ Gig Young, Adele Mara, Luther Adler.

- 1949 -
120 The Fighting Kentuckian Rep John Breen Vera Hruba Ralston George Waggner w/ Philip Dorn, Oliver Hardy,[5] Marie Windsor. Wayne produced this film.
121 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Arg Capt. Nathan Brittles Joanne Dru John Ford w/John Agar, Victor McLaglen, Harry Carey, Jr., Mildred Natwick, George O'Brien. The second film in Ford's "cavalry trilogy." Filmed in Technicolor on location in Monument Valley.
122 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Rodeo Col Himself - Ralph Staub A documentary short.
123 Sands of Iwo Jima Rep Sgt. John M. Stryker Adele Mara Allan Dwan w/ John Agar, Forrest Tucker. Wayne received his first Academy Award nomination for this film.
Julie Bishop
NOTE: After filming Sands of Iwo Jima Wayne made Jet Pilot. However, Jet Pilot was not released theatrically until 1957. Therefore, it appears in this filmography under that year of release as entry number 143.

- 1950 -
124 Rio Grande[6] Arg Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke[7] Maureen O'Hara John Ford w/ Ben Johnson, Claude Jarman, Jr., Harry Carey, Jr., and Victor McLaglen. The last of Ford's "cavalry trilogy" and Wayne's first of five teamings with O'Hara. Filmed on location in Monument Valley.

- 1951 -
125 Screen Snapshots: Reno's Silver Spur Awards Col Himself - Ralph Staub A documentary short.
126 Operation Pacific WB "Duke" Gifford Patricia Neal George Waggner w/ Ward Bond.
127 The Screen Director WB Himself - - A promotional short featuring a scene on the set of Operation Pacific with John Ford directing Wayne. (Actually, George Waggner was the director of that film, so this scene was obviously staged.)
128 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Awards Col Himself - Ralph Staub A documentary short.
129 Flying Leathernecks RKO Major Dan Kirby - Nicholas Ray w/ Robert Ryan. Produced by Howard Hughes.

- 1952 -
130 Miracle in Motion Rep Narrator - - Wayne narrates this fund-raiser for the benefit of the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.
131 The Quiet Man Arg Sean Thornton Maureen O'Hara John Ford Filmed in Technicolor on location in Ireland. One of Wayne's most beloved films. His children Michael, Patrick, Melinda, and Antonia have small roles in the film.
132 Big Jim McLain W-F Big Jim McLain Nancy Olsen Edward Ludwig w/ James Arness, Alan Napier. An anti-communist action film. Generally considered to be one of Wayne's worst films. Produced by Wayne.

- 1953 -
133 Trouble Along the Way WB Steve Aloysius Williams Donna Reed Michael Curtiz w/ Charles Coburn, Sherry Jackson.
134 Island in the Sky W-F Capt. Dooley - William A. Wellman w/ Lloyd Nolan, Walter Abel, James Arness. Wayne also produced.
135 Hondo W-F Hondo Lane Geraldine Page John Farrow w/ Ward Bond, Michael Pate, James Arness. Based on a story by Louis L'Amour. Filmed in 3D and WarnerColor. Wayne also produced.

- 1954 -
136 The High and the Mighty WB Dan Roman Claire Trevor William A. Wellman w/ Robert Stack, Phil Harris, Robert Newton, Paul Kelly. Wayne also produced this aviation drama. A big hit in its day, filmed in CinemaScope and WarnerColor. This was Wayne's first wide-screen film since The Big Trail (1930).
W-F Laraine Day
Batjac Jan Sterling

- 1955 -
137 The Sea Chase WB Capt. Karl Ehrlich Lana Turner John Farrow w/ David Farrar, Tab Hunter, James Arness. Filmed in CinemaScope and WarnerColor on location in Hawaii. Wayne took an unusual role as a WWII German naval officer.
138 Screen Snapshots: The Great Al Jolson Col Himself - Ralph Staub A documentary short salute Jolson. Wayne is one of the celebrities shown in the film.
139 Blood Alley WB Captain Tom Wilder Lauren Bacall William A. Wellman Filmed in CinemaScope and WarnerColor. Wayne produced this film and replaced Robert Mitchum after firing him.

- 1956 -
140 The Conqueror RKO Temüjin
(Genghis Khan)
Susan Hayward Dick Powell w/ Pedro Armendariz, Agnes Moorehead. Filmed in CinemaScope and Technicolor. Produced by Howard Hughes. Generally regarded as one of the worst movies ever made.
141 The Searchers CVW Ethan Edwards Vera Miles John Ford w/ Jeffrey Hunter, Ward Bond, Henry Brandon, Olive Carey, John Qualen, Hank Worden, Patrick Wayne. Filmed in VistaVision and Technicolor. Generally regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made.
WB Natalie Wood
Dorothy Jordan

- 1957 -
142 The Wings of Eagles MGM Frank "Spig" Wead Maureen O'Hara John Ford w/ Dan Dailey, Ward Bond,[8] Ken Curtis, Edmund Lowe. Filmed in Metrocolor.
143 Jet Pilot RKO Colonel Jim Shannon Janet Leigh Josef von Sternberg Filmed in Technicolor and released in RKO-Scope. Shot in 1949–1950 but not released until 1957. Produced by Howard Hughes. Generally regarded as one of Wayne's worst films.
144 Legend of the Lost Batjac Joe January Sophia Loren Henry Hathaway w/ Rossano Brazzi. Filmed in Technirama and Technicolor on location in the Libyan desert.

- 1958 -
145 I Married a Woman RKO Himself Angie Dickinson Hal Kanter Wayne has a unbilled cameo in this minor comedy starring George Gobel and Diana Dors. Filmed in RKO-Scope and black and white except for one of Wayne's two scenes, which was shot in Technicolor.
146 The Barbarian and the Geisha 20th Townsend Harris Eiko Ando John Huston w/ Sam Jaffe. Inspired by a true story. Filmed in CinemaScope and Eastmancolor.

- 1959 -
147 Rio Bravo Arm John T. Chance Angie Dickinson Howard Hawks w/ Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond, John Russell, Claude Akins. Generally regarded as one of Wayne's best, provided the template and format for many of his later films.
148 The Horse Soldiers UA Col. John Marlowe Constance Towers John Ford w/ William Holden, Hoot Gibson. Filmed in Deluxe color.

- 1960 -
149 The Alamo Batjac Col. David Crockett Linda Cristal John Wayne w/ Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey, Richard Boone, Chill Wills, Frankie Avalon, Patrick Wayne. Wayne fulfilled a long-time dream by producing, directing, and starring in this epic telling of the battle for Texas independence. Filmed in Todd-AO and Technicolor.
150 North to Alaska 20th Sam McCord Capucine Henry Hathaway w/ Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, Fabian. Filmed in CinemaScope and Deluxe color.